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The cost of SAP Business One generally relies entirely on the specific needs of the business. There are several factors that determine the cost of implementing SAP Business One.



How much does SAP Business One Cost?

The cost of SAP Business One generally relies entirely on the specific needs of the business. Several factors impact the cost of implementing SAP Business One, these are:

Factors that impact the cost of SAP Business One


Cost and Type of SAP Business One Licenses

The cost and type of SAP B1 licenses are influenced by your business model, company size, specific business needs, and the number of users that will need either a Professional or Limited License.


Engaging a reputable SAP Partner with experience is the only way to guarantee correct system implementation with targeted training. The amount of implementation and training time vary depending on the level of customer ability and the complexity of solution.

Hardware Requirements:

Factors such as the number of users, their need for remote access, the amount of data that will be processed by the software, and the potential growth plan, will determine the hardware solution that suits your business, impacting the cost.

Geographic Location:

The cost is also influenced by the location or locations where the software will be deployed. Each country has its unique complexities, thankfully SAP Business One is perfectly suited to multi currency and multi jurisdiction setup.

Add-on Products:

SAP Business One provides solutions for almost all needs in accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, CRM, fixed assets, services, etc. Additional add-ons may be integrated to manage functions like payroll, barcoding, shipping, manufacturing, warehousing and transaction-related processes. SAP Business One features over 400 Add-ons. Any additional add-ons will incur separate charges.

Support and Maintenance:

These services come at an additional cost, crucial for protecting the software from hackers and vulnerabilities. Support services help to keep your software up-to-date and bug-free.  Most clients also opt for an annual support and development contract that keeps these costs in touch and prevents any nasty surprises.

Training Cost:

Proper training on how to use SAP B1 software as per the business requirements is provided by SAP consultants and this impacts the overall cost of SAP Business One. Taking into consideration all these factors, the starting price for the comprehensive SAP Business One solution begins from around £30,000 for the first year.


Interested in finding out more about SAP Business One – talk to our expert SAP Consultants.

How much does SAP Business One Cost?