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Business pains we can fix

FUEL have years of experience in solving complex IT and management system issues.  Our holistic approach to business systems is one of our strong points.  Below are some of the more common pains we hear about.

Inadequate Support?

Inadequate Support?

Inadequate IT support from a supplier is a common reason for a client to move to FUEL.  Our support team work smart as well as hard to make sure your systems remain operating 24/7.


Our fully managed contracts provide your business with qualified engineers and consultants who can support remotely and on-site when required.  There is no one size fits all so we tailor each contract to the customers specific needs.  Contracts are reviewed each year to optimise the service.





Lack of Strategy?

Having no IT Strategy or even an out of date  IT Strategy will ultimately lead to failures, downtime or  worse.  As a result cumbersome systems cannot keep up with the pace of your business when change is required.


An IT strategy with an annual review will reduce both running costs, risk of downtime and help you plan your growth requirements.


Cyber Threats?

Cyber Threats?

Have you suffered from malware, ransomware or data loss?  The threat from cyber attacks is the highest it has even been.  The answer is a multi-faceted approach that changes to the threat level and sophistication.


FUEL have been pioneers in data security, firewalls, end point security and physical security systems for IT.  We deploy a range of services to keep you as protected as possible. We also ensure our customers are able to recover fully in the event that an attack is successful.




The 'Grey Area'?

FUEL uniquely offer both SAP and the associated infrastructure, hardware and communications.  This allows us to remove the dreaded ‘grey area’ from support.


No more hardware blaming the software guys and the software blaming the hardware guys.  At FUEL we do it all, so one call will support it all.

No 'Boots on the Ground'?

No 'Boots on the Ground'?

Tired of remote only support? Sometimes a real person with knowledge is needed to attend the client site in order to solve the issue or offer support.


FUEL have been in business since 1993, we have engineers and consultants ready to go onsite when required.




Sick of Jargon?

Tired of being confused by tech babble from your IT company.  At FUEL we are really smart but we proudly insist on speaking to our clients in plain language.


You don’t need to know everything that we do, you just need to trust us.  We have been doing this a long time, we’ve got this.



Death by Spreadsheet?

Death by Spreadsheet?

Is your management information based around monster spreadsheets?  Loosing time having to manipulate the ‘BIG’ spreadsheet before you can get some monthly figures?


We use the power of SAP Business One to connect your systems together and create LIVE dashboards of management information that save you stress, time and money.




Paper Paper Everywhere?

Does it feel like the more computerised you become the more paper you produce?


We were one of the 1st IT companies to provide document management and paperless systems to our clients.  We use the power of SAP Business One to produce less paper and provide management information across mobile and through dashboards.

Data Data Everywhere?

Data Data Everywhere?

Is your company data in separate silos across multiple products?  Few things waste time and create errors more double or triple data entry.


SAP Business One and our additional packages will pull all your company data into the one location, keeping it accurate and reducing the workload and errors.  As a bonus your management information will be more accurate and faster to pull out.




Jack of All Trades?

“Jack of all trades, master of none”  is a complaint we hear regarding previous IT suppliers and also various ERP systems.  We use SAP Business One to deliver focused solutions to well defined problems or goals.


We take care of the hardware, infrastructure and communications so that your ERP solution will be free to work with you, helping you to grow your business.