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Derry Refrigerated Transport

Major Transport company experiences no downtime during expansion and IT Infrastructure refresh

Derry Refrigerated Transport

Derry Refrigerated Transport is a leading service provider for chilled and frozen distribution throughout the UK and Europe while also offering cold storage warehousing in its modern new storage facility in Co. Armagh

As a specialist provider Derry Refrigerated Transport understand the needs of their customers and their investment in technology has helped. With customers demanding on-time delivery, quick turnarounds and information integration the business required a real time transport management system and infrastructure update to service their customers needs.



For Derry Transport experiencing rapid growth, managing moving to new premises and associated increasing costs was putting increased pressure on their existing systems. The company was using an existing cloud-based transport and e-mail solution on ageing PC’s, but poor reliability proved they had outgrown their existing IT Platform. Derry Transport asked Fuel to develop a strategic plan for their IT Infrastructure ensuring more assurance and resilience in their everyday operations

In a 2nd stage the client also required a business class Wifi solution for their new state of the art chilled warehouse and distribution facility at Carn Portadown.


Now with speed, resilience and enhanced system stability management have peace of mind for future business growth. Costs were visibly reduced, with their new cloud environment comfortably handling transport management and a staggering 120,000 plus incoming e-mails each month. The main benefit Derry Refrigerated Transport experienced with Fuel was no major downtime or disruption which is mission critical to a 24X7 specialist logistics provider.

The state of the art WiFi solution allowed free movement of stock pallets using the pick & pack distribution system.


FUEL installed a series of on-premise fileservers and refreshed the workstations and handhelds. A virtualised server platform was provided to secure the company’s projected growth. FUEL replaced the cabling infrastructure alongside a new high-speed back-up solution. The old legacy cloud-based transport and email solution was replaced reducing system user time and recurring costs.

The business grade specialist WiFI solution provided covers the entire warehouse both inside and outside the chilled storage with seamless connectivity for the distribution workers and pickers throughout the entire site. The WiFi mesh is monitored remotely and supported by FUEL 24/7.

Being able to fully implement the new IT solution we required without shutting down our existing platform, was what we needed. Partnering with FUEL, who understand our business needs, has been very much the key to our IT Infrastructure success.

Patrick Derry, Managing Director

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