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Craigmore Online

Craigmore Online

Craigmore Online in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, is the largest distributor of Karcher equipment in the UK.

Craigmore Online in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, is the largest distributor of Karcher equipment in the UK. The business was established as a retail company by Geoff Baird, a local businessman, 20+ years ago.

The company has now established itself as the premier on-line distributor of Karcher and related products to the health services, local councils, schools and colleges and the general business community.



The company has been in growth mode for some time, but recently (1-2 years) they have generated significant growth, while maintaining a similar staffing level. This was achieved initially through careful planning and organization.

It became clear to the owner, Geoff Baird, that they were outgrowing their existing financial software, Sage, and needed a fully integrated ERP solutions that went far beyond just the financial functions in the business.


Craigmore Online are now in a stronger position to drive the growth of the company through process efficiencies, a high level of system integration and access to critical information for making informed and timely business decisions.


After some research, the application chosen by the company was SAP Business One to address the current and developing needs of the business.

The solution has several elements and the areas of the business addressed include finance, stock management, e-commerce integration, order processing and epos. The FUEL team, working very closely with the Project Manager, Craig Baird, completed the whole project within a six-month period. The technology applied includes the use of smart scanners to manage stock movements throughout the company.

Future developments to the solution will include providing van sales and field engineers with links back to head-office to update sales orders, job sheets, stock movements and POD (Proof of Delivery) signing. This will enable the Finance Team to generate billing accurately and timely, having a significant impact on customer satisfaction, stock accuracy and the business’ cashflow.

Additionally, the management now have access to real-time information about the company. A development of this will be the commissioning of custom-built dashboards and charts that will be available on large screens where needed e.g., by the Dispatch Manager to monitor order-picking and customer deliveries.

FUEL do everything that you would expect from a software partner, they’ve been good, they’ve been reliable and it was a quick and easy decision to make.

Geoff Baird, Managing Director

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