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Paul discusses IT Technology Trends for 2024 and all things AI.



IT Technology Trends for 2024

IT Technology Trends for 2024

Smart Tech

IT Spend will focus on outcomes more than ever.

In 2024, the IT industry is poised to shift its focus towards business outcomes. Here are the key reasons driving this trend:

Investment in AI and Automation:

Organisations will increasingly invest in AI and automation to enhance operational efficiency. These technologies bridge IT talent gaps and streamline processes, ultimately contributing to better business outcomes.

Generative AI (GenAI) on the Horizon:

While GenAI hasn’t significantly impacted IT spending yet, it’s creating a buzz. CIOs recognize that current AI projects lay the groundwork for future strategies when GenAI becomes part of IT budgets from 2024 onward.

Cloud Services and Software Growth:

Cloud spending continues to drive growth in the software and IT services segments. Public cloud services are projected to increase by 20.4% in 2024. Cybersecurity spending also contributes to software growth.

Change Fatigue and Delayed Spending:

CIOs are experiencing change fatigue, leading to hesitation in new investments. Some of 2023’s IT spending was being pushed into 2024 due to this trend.

IT Security will move to hybrid environments.

As organizations embrace a hybrid work model and employees increasingly rely on online services and AI, the landscape of IT security must evolve. Here’s why this shift from local to hybrid security is imperative:

id Work Environment:

The future of work is hybrid, with employees seamlessly transitioning between office and remote settings. Staff use both corporate networks and their home networks, blurring the traditional boundaries. Devices are now part of the corporate network, regardless of their physical location.

Increased Vulnerabilities:

Phishing attacks have surged, and ransomware incidents are on the rise. Firmware attacks pose new threats, emphasizing the need for robust security measures. AI-powered attacks are becoming more sophisticated, demanding adaptive defences.

Zero Trust Approach:

A holistic, Zero Trust security approach is essential. Security cannot be an afterthought; it must be integrated into every aspect of technology. Microsoft advocates for end-to-end security that covers the entire ecosystem.

Culture of Security:

Organizations should foster a security-first culture where every employee plays a role. Device management, phishing prevention, and malicious website protection are critical. AI-driven threat detection and rapid response are key components.

Generative AI is set to make waves.

2024 will witness generative AI stepping out of research labs and into everyday applications, transforming how we interact with technology and shaping our digital experiences with not only our computers, smartphones and tech but also our homes, friends and social lives.

Customized Chatbots:

Tech companies heavily invested in generative AI will focus on monetizing their products. Google and OpenAI are leading the charge by creating user-friendly platforms. These platforms allow people to customize powerful language models and build their own mini chatbots without coding skills. State-of-the-art models like GPT-4 and Gemini can process not only text but also images and videos. This capability opens up new possibilities for apps tailored to specific needs.

Multimodal Capabilities:

Generative AI models can now handle various data types, including text, images, and audio. For instance, a real estate agent can upload text from previous listings, fine-tune a model, and generate similar descriptions. The fusion of multimodal capabilities could unlock a plethora of innovative applications.

Real-World Impact:

Generative AI won’t remain a niche field; it will become useful for non-tech users. Expect more people to tinker with a million little AI models for practical purposes. Whether it’s automating content creation, enhancing customer service, or personalizing recommendations, generative AI will be at the forefront.

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Paul Trouton

Founder & CEO

Paul is the founder and CEO of FUEL. His 30+ years of experience cover the design and building of specialist workstations, servers and wide area network infrastructure for a wide range of applications, in almost every sector.

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IT Technology Trends for 2024