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e-Mail Marketing

Building and maintaining a long term business relationship with your customers is essential, and is made much easier the more information you have about each customer and their personal preferences.

E-mail marketing should be a two-way conversation that is about gathering insight and intelligence on your customers/prospects, and then using that insight to deliver relevant communications. Seamless integration between your CRM software and your e-mail marketing solution is the perfect way to achieve this with minimal effort for the marketeer.

Our e-mail marketing software is available with a suite of application connectors to a number of the market leading CRM solutions, enabling you to leverage your existing systems quickly and easily. Integration with CRM means that all recipients' actions are written back to the contact record, showing an accurate history inside CRM of each contact’s interaction with your e-mail campaigns, as well as automatically recording those contacts who prove to be undeliverable or who have opted to unsubscribe.

Begin the process by creating your campaign audience in CRM, which is then automatically transferred to the e-mail marketing software using encrypted web services. Once your campaign has been initiated, data can to flow back into CRM, provdiing you with key information on activities such as e-mails opened, documents downloaded, web hits, landing zone hits, and much more - information which can help you provide increasingly relevant and targeted messaging to your customers and contacts.

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