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As consumer lifestyles and consumption patterns alter, FUEL’s SAP Business One solution can help your Packaging business align accordingly.


Packaging companies serve various industries including food and beverage, cosmetics and pharma and with each comes their own industry-specific standards their packaging must adhere to. With FUEL’s SAP Business One solution packaging manufacturers can now leverage the robust functionality of the system to ensure their efficiency, productivity and sustainability for the future.

FUEL can help you:

  • FUEL’s SAP Business One solution for the packaging industry provides real-time data for greater planning ability and improved accuracy in manufacturing and ordering
  • SAP Business One’s Advanced planning & scheduling (APS) covers group, individual and alternative resources (i.e machinery, tools & personnel) helps optimise your capacity and improve productivity
  • The dashboard and analytics offers more control over production, were locations can now respond directly to market fluctuations and adjust production accordingly
  • Easily adapt to climate changes, scarcity of resources, ever-changing purchasing patterns and industry-specific regulations
  • Help streamline your business processes to suit market needs as your company grows

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