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Convenience Stores / Forecourt

Convenience Stores

FUEL’s SAP Business One delivers a unified platform for all retail business, integrating your sales channels to improve efficiency and profitability

Convenience Stores / Forecourt

The retail industry is constantly evolving in today’s consumer-driven digital economy. At FUEL we recognise that in an expanding digital world, our retail customers need to be flexible and responsive and stay ahead with smart growth strategies using the latest technologies. Fuel’s SAP business one for retail allows you to grow your business with confidence.

FUEL can help you:

  • Offers the ease of automation – with merchandise planning and forecasting, replenishment, and optimisation of product lines.
  • Support for multiple units of measure and pricing, goods receipts, and tracking of stock transfers
  • Improve customer satisfaction and Increase sales by reducing stock-outs and down-times – so you have the right items on hand when customers come into the store
  • Reduce reconciliation by closing the loop between sales, credit card payment and bank statements
  • FUEL’s user-friendly, real-time reporting gives you visibility across all your business functions to help you anticipate and respond quicker to customer demand.

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