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The FUEL design and build of High Performance Finite Element Analysis PC’s


Aecentus, based in the Northern Ireland countryside, is a specialist mechanical engineering consultancy that provides its specialist services to major industry worldwide.

From major players in motor vehicle manufacturing to airline builders, Aecentus has become one of the most recognised engineering consultancies for performing resource hungry finite element analysis investigation and reporting.



Within engineering consultancies, producing complex analysis reports from various engineering structural tests can often take many days, sometimes weeks. Dr Stephen Anderson had exhausted all the possibilities with ‘Off the Shelf’ high performance PC manufacturers.

Up to this point, high specification branded PC’s could not deliver the performance needed to carry out mathematical calculations faster than the competition. Aecentus customers required faster completion project timescales, to keep their multimillion design plans on schedule.


Having the ability to reduce testing from weeks to days, is of great financial benefit to Aecentus and their global clients. Able now to compete where time is the key element of attracting new business clients.

Adding a 2nd massively powerful workstation in 2020, we have further boosted our output and out ability to provide data analysis in record time to our clients.


As a result of our reputation Aecentus contacted FUEL’s CEO, Paul Trouton. Paul was asked to investigate the options of building a ‘Super Computer’ to satisfy the intense demands of Aecentus’s clients. Following consultations with Dr Anderson, FUEL designed and built a computer that included two 8 Core Broadwell Xeon CPUs, 256GB DDR4 Ram, MVMe drives and a hand built tailored water-cooling system.

In 2020 the 2nd ‘Super Computer’ was also designed and built by Paul, this time featuring 2 x Xeon Gold 12core CPU’s, 256GB Ram, NVidia Quadro 6000 Turing Card and specialist Air cooling system. This more powerful refresh provided almost twice the power of the original ‘Super Computer’

FUEL Super Computer

The FUEL High Performance PCs have allowed us to turn around our analysis reporting in record time. It has given us a platform to attract more complex projects from larger global companies that would not have been possible, using the high-performance top of the range workstations.

Stephen Anderson, Managing Director, Aecentus Ltd

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