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Blair’s Caravans

Situated on the famous Causeway Coast, Blair's Caravans holiday parks cater for both touring and static caravans, relying on modern facilities to ensure business success.

An added form of accommodation are the Camping cabins which are the ultimate eco-cabin – secure and lockable, the camping cabins truly offer all year-round camping.



As the Blairs Caravan business has grown, the number of invoices handled by the company had increased dramatically. Many of the invoices are for repeditive items from the same supplier and as a result the risk of duplicate payments is an everyday occurrence. Time spent by external accountants during year end to link documents to back-office Sage accounts solution was both time cosuming and un-productive.


The PaperLess application enables Blairs Caravans to take advantage of all their investment they have already made in their Sage accounting solution such as installation, work practices, training, special adaptations, etc. There was no need to start working with a different accounting solution to become PaperLess.The company accountant no longer needs. Although Automatic Invoice Recognition is still seen by the company’s Managing Director as one of PaperLess’ most important features, he also quickly realised that due to the ease of use and automation offered by PaperLess software he could both reduce staff allocated to the accounts area, due to the increase in productivity levels, as well as lessen the skill level required to process purchase invoices. There are no more paper files to get lost or damaged, everything is digital and very simple to view or look at an invoice from any computer in the network.


FUEL implimented a Paperless Document Management software solution which integrates seamlessly to Blairs Caravans existing Sage accounting solution and at the same time will preserve the history of the historical transactions so that the complete history of all the years of accounting are available in one place satisfying the storage requirements for the UK and ROI accounting laws. All business documents such as contracts, expenses, purchase orders, quotations, and invoices will be managed by PaperLess document flow.

Paperless allows the company to save 10,000 pounds every year with staff as well as to save employees time spent on processing invoice. We’ve put an end to having invoices being paid twice, because if you try to do so, PaperLess immediately tells you that the invoice has already been entered, so no need for a high skilled employee to prevent this from happening.

Colin Mayrs, Managing Director

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