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Tullyraine Quarries Ltd

It takes Fuel High Performance IT to help mine one of Ireland’s hardest rock

Tullyraine Quarries Ltd

Tullyraine Quarries has been in business since 1954 and is based in a very rich and hard seam of rock in the edge of the main A1 logistical route between Belfast to Dublin.

With their rock registering at the top of the Mohs scale, Tullyraine Quarries have a very much sought-after product. Road building and Railway track ballast are particularly suited to the Tullyraine stone with it being one of the hardest stones in Ireland with a reputation for excellence and quality.



The Tullyraine IT infrastructure was outdated and some of their industry specific software venders had pulled back on its level one support commitment due to the hardware, software age and security risk. It was time for a complete Software and Infrastructure refresh and the company now needed a suitable IT Partner. Company Accountant, Michael Lenehan had past experience of working with Fuel and was very keen to renew that successful working relationship, this time for Tullyraine Quarries Ltd.


Following their IT Infrastructure refresh, Tullyraine Quarries now enjoy seamless invoicing from weighbridge to completion. The paperless office system has offered the Tullyraine business so many benefits from enhanced security, saving time to improved customer service. Fuel also carried out a complete transformation of the accounts process. To search for a sales docket could have taken a full day of searching, now it’s less than a minute. Once a docket is signed – the rest of the process is paperless.


Having agreed on the commitment to overhaul the company’s IT systems, a plan was put in place to schedule and implement the new Sage financial management software on the new infrastructure designed and recommended by Fuel. Fuel led this extensive project working alongside all Tullyraine’s 3rd party vendors offering a complete service and solution with little or no downtime.

I always accept FUEL’s professional advice in totality and more importantly – I act upon it in full

Michael Lenehan, Group Accountant, Tullyraine Quarries Ltd

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