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Karl Patterson

Software Development Intern

Karl Patterson - Software Development Intern

From an early age Karl, like CEO of FUEL, Paul Trouton, enjoyed computer gaming. This resulted in a desire to study Computer Programming on a more structured educational way. As a result, Karl applied for a place, and was accepted to study for a degree in I.T. at Southern Regional College, Newry. This has helped in the development of Karl’s computing and technical knowledge.

It was during Karl’s time, studying for his degree and in particular, the module on Visual Programming, that he realised his appetite for a career in Computer Programming. An opportunity then arose for Karl to join FUEL as part of his student placement, and he immediately accepted the position. Karl has already fitted in well to FUEL and especially the programming team. During his placement at FUEL, Karl will play a backup roll to the programming and development team while he works on database links to back-office accounts solutions.

Karl hopes his time at FUEL will not only develop his programming skills, it will also help in his understanding of business in general.

Karl has an interest in football, badminton, karting and F1 which he will find fits perfectly with the majority of FUEL’s staff and friends!

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